Zest's participation in FOOD Risk 2022

salon vrac 2022

Zest presented its solution at the 2nd international FOOD Risk conference which took place on 8 and 9 June in Nîmes.

In front of an audience composed mainly of actors of food safety, we participated in the theme Traceability & Digitalization. In the company of Mr. Vanuxeem, Technical Director of Food Expert Institute and Mr. Zollner, Account Executive of Connecting Food, we exchanged on the importance of traceability in the sanitary control plan to meet consumers’ expectations.

A great moment, rich in exchange and sharing of experience, that we were able to share with the speakers, the public and our Zest team for our great pleasure!

The Food Risk conference was attended by more than 35 expert speakers – institutional players, food industry and retail professionals, academics and researchers -, 300 participants and 19 conferences on food fraud, product authenticity and origin, digital traceability, regulations, new tools and new analytical methods.