Optimise the
traceability of your bulk departments

Manage health risks and the traceability of your assisted service. Zest digitises and tracks everything so that your bulk selling is kept in check .


Bulk and Zest, the winning duo

In 3 clicks, you have a precise view of what is happening at your points of sale.

Zest brings you reliability and efficient traceability to your bulk departments. From goods in to placing them on shelf, you can monitor and centralise all the information about your product on a single device. Make your life easier and be transparent to the consumer.
With Zest, there are no glitches, only solutions.


Bulk departments with Zest


Time savings

Scan your product in stock to quickly identify the right silo to fill. Managing products in stock becomes simple and efficient!



In line with your eco-responsible approach, you no longer use paper and you anticipate your expired products. No more product losses.


Peace of mind

Your customers are satisfied and you are less stressed in the event of an inspection, as you can access the data by simply scanning a barcode.

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For employe.es

You simplify your life and don’t waste time.

  • No more flipping through binders for expired products. You receive automatic alerts based on the UBD/BBE.

  • You don't have to waste time looking for the right silo to fill, just scan to find out.

  • You have access to all your product information anywhere and any time.

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For managers

You get a monitoring space just for you to make the best decisions.

  • You can easily manage the HACCP approach thanks to customised dashboards.

  • You can follow up and motivate your teams via reports and a calendar of upcoming tasks.

  • You can manage inspections and customer satisfaction with complete peace of mind.

A lot of efficiency with a Zest of simplicity


Inspect the product on receipt

Take a picture of the label when you open the bag.


the information

Enter the product, the quantity and the UBD or DMD.


your labels

1 label for your open bag in stock, 1 label for your silo for your employees and 1 customised label to inform the consumers.


The Zest solution for your bulk departments

The results prove it


Satisfied employees

0 paper

This is our goal thanks to all the features of the app.


Reduction in expired goods.

What now ? How do I get started with Zest ?

  • 1
    Analysis of your needs

    We discuss your expectations with you and offer you several options.

  • 2
    Creation of your solution

    Depending on your functional requirements and constraints, we can adapt the app.

  • 3
    Long-term support

    As an app user, we train you and follow up with you by email and telephone. Our team is available to answer all your questions from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

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