Ensure the traceability of your traditional departments

Say goodbye to loose and dirty labels! Everything is digitised and stored on a tablet. Zest ensures the perfect management of your products and preparations, from goods-in to sale.


Your HACCP tool at your fingertips

Cleaning plan, temperature readings, product incoming inspection, shelf placement... all your product information is stored and secured.

Put away your scissors, binders and pencils! With Zest you have the power to control everything from one device.
Want more? Our solution offers you a wide range of products to better manage your raw materials and your production or to see the history of your products anywhere and at any time.
Our solution has been designed with the different areas of hypermarkets and supermarkets, so dare to go digital!


Traditional departments with Zest


Traceability first

No more miscalculations or lost labels; with Zest, everything is recorded, secure and accessible.



Our solution is surprisingly easy and can be used by everyone. Easy as 1-2-3!


Peace of mind

Your customers are satisfied and you are more confident in the event of an inspection, as you can access the data by simply scanning a barcode.

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For employe.es

Zest is your ally for tracking dates easily and at any time.

  • Forget about labels that have to be kept for 6 months. Just photograph it and it is recorded and archived. That’s all there is to it!

  • You won’t lose anything; everything is simply tracked by barcode.

  • No need to calculate dates for removing products from the shelves. Zest automatically does this for you and alerts you.

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For managers

You get a monitoring interface just for you to make the best decisions

  • You can easily manage the HACCP approach thanks to customised dashboards.

  • You can follow up and motivate your teams via reports and a calendar of upcoming tasks.

  • You can manage inspections and customer satisfaction with complete peace of mind.

Traceability at your fingertips


Inspect the product on receipt

This is the key step. Take a picture of the product label.


Enter the information

Enter the product, the quantity, the use-by date and the temperature on receipt


your labels

For the products in stock and placement on shelves at the front and back end of the product peak.


Manage upward and downward traceability

Just scan to monitor the traceability of a manufactured or received product.


The Zest solution for your traditional departments

The results prove it

0 paper

This is our goal thanks to all the features of the app.


Satisfied employees.


Expired goods.

+ €3,000

risk of fines eliminated per year.

What now? How do I get started with Zest?

  • 1
    Analysis of your needs

    We discuss your expectations with you and offer you several options.

  • 2
    Creation of your solution

    Depending on your functional requirements and constraints, we can adapt the app.

  • 3
    Long-term support

    As an app user, we train you and follow up with you by email and telephone. Our team is available to answer all your questions from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

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